Setting out Works

Setting Out Works

Professional land survey services throughout Scotland.

Setting Out 

Setting out works are used for a wide variety of projects, ranging from new road and building layouts to private house plots and site boundaries.
Setting out works allow for the accurate location and orientation of the permanent design works to be established on site and this is carried out by using the engineer's or architect's detail design drawing, which is input directly into an electronic distance measurement total station (EDM) or global positioning unit (GPS), for subsequent setting-out on site.  After Setting-out, all data is subsequently re-surveyed and downloaded onto the design drawing, to ensure all data has been set out to the correct level of detail.
All types of Setting-out works are undertaken, ranging in size from smaller domestic house plot or boundary line, to major pipeline routes or wind farm developments and all setting out works are undertaken using the latest terrestrial or satellite linked survey instrumentation.

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