Deformation Monitoring

Deformation Monitoring Services

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Structural deformation surveying

This survey method allows for the accurate monitoring of buildings, dams or areas of ground consolidation in order to establish if there is any movement from subsidence, nearby construction works or surcharge operations and to quantify any movement resulting from such operations.
By using electronic distance measurement (EDM) total stations, equipped with co-axially mounted lasers, any point on a building facade or other structure can be accurately recorded in three dimensions, without the need for scaffold or mobile access platforms.

Mini reflective targets can also be positioned at key points on the particular structure to enable repeat monitoring works to be undertaken over a period of time.

Accurate monitoring services

The EDM can also be used to establish the verticality of a building facade where another structure has to be built in close proximity to it.

For ground compaction or ground consolidation works, electronic digital levelling is often used. This method is similar to traditional optical levelling, with the exception that the levelling is carried out by reading a special bar coded staff, which does not require visual observation, thereby greatly reducing human error inherent with more traditional forms of levelling.

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Structural deformation
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