Topographical Surveys

Topographic Land Surveying

Professional land survey services throughout Scotland.

Dependable services

Sites are extremely varied and range from small domestic house plots to the larger sites such as wind farm developments, which can cover areas of hundreds of hectares and are often located in the more remote regions of the country.
A variety of equipment is used to carry out the various types of site surveys, ranging from simple hand held lasers to fully robotic EDM total stations, GPS and digital levels.
Survey works are processed on dedicated workstations using specialised survey modelling software developed by AIC and survey data can be output in a variety of formats, including hard copy wide body plots as well as two dimensional and three dimensional Auto CAD and Genio.

Innovative equipment

All equipment is purchased new from one of the market leaders in the supply of specialist survey equipment technology, and all equipment is serviced and maintained on a rolling basis, to ensure compliance with manufacturer's original instrument specifications and to eliminate instrument errors during the course of survey works.
Quality is continually monitored and an in-house quality assurance manual has been developed, based on the requirements of BS 5750; ISO 9001 and EN 29001.
Our clients include developers, solicitors, architects, engineers, local authorities and statutory authorities and the majority of our commissions are based on repeat commissions from existing clients, as well as referrals from existing clients. 

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