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As-Built Surveys

Improved management of buildings during and after construction

Keep an eye on your construction

Unlike pre-construction surveys, as-built surveys help in documenting the changes in the property at any point during the construction phase.  They also serve as a document that can be used to verify the compliance of the project with regard to time and regulations.

As-built surveys are ideal for both commercial and residential properties and can be updated several times during the project.

As-built surveys are also invaluable when developing older properties, where no electronic or hard copy plans exist, and where accurate base information is required by the design team, to enable them to progress their development proposals.

Update your base survey as required

The main advantage of an as-built survey, is the ease with which the base map can be updated at any time, to reflect the current situation on site.  This type of survey can also incorporate topographic data, thereby providing a current and comprehensive record of the works on site, at any given time.

With an updated base survey, it becomes easier for the construction team to make modifications, adjust construction schedules and plan the entire timeline seamlessly.

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