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Volumetric Works and Quarry Services

Professional land survey services throughout Scotland.

Volume calculation services

Volume calculations are carried out by initially undertaking a full topographical survey of the particular development site or quarry area, using electronic distance measurement (EDM) or global positioning (GPS) equipment.
Survey works are then processed on dedicated workstations using specialised modelling software developed by AIC, which allows accurate three dimensional ground models, quarry profiles or stockpile volumes to be calculated.
The calculations can be carried out in a number of ways, from simple model projections from a horizontal or inclined datum to more complex combinations of several three dimensional ground models.

Volumetric analyses

The data presentation and volumetric analysis can be output in a variety of formats in order to highlight individual cut / fill or stockpile volumes and cross sections can also be generated, to give a visual complement to the computer generated volumetric analysis.
This service allows developers and designers to quantify cut/fill volumes for a particular development and also allows quarry managers to know exact stock levels, rates of production and remaining quarry capacities.

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Volume calculation
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